THE travelling woes of a Kingsmead man upping sticks from Northwich to live in the city have struck a chord with Guardian readers.

Last week we reported how John Evans, of Monarch Drive, Kingsmead, had become so frustrated with the poor standard of public transport, he was selling his home to move to Manchester where he works.

He said: "I've had enough of using the car all the time but if I want to get anywhere, I can't rely on public transport."

It seems the 31-year-old's opinions have resonated with other commuters.

Andrew Foster, of Greenbank Lane, said: "It is ridiculous that this Government is always encouraging us to use public transport in a bid to become eco friendly.

"It's almost impossible to get out of Northwich by bus and train.

"I use the train line regularly for nights out in Chester, Manchester and sometimes towns and villages in between but always have to cut the night short."

On the Guardian's website, Sarah, from Greenbank, posted: "I have just moved back to the Northwich area after living in Manchester city centre for the past three years.

"I still work in the city but the transport is an absolute drag.

"People are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The salaries are much better in the city but the cost of travel and the time lost with my husband each day makes me wonder if it's worth it."

James Moore, from Northwich, added: "Public transport is very short of funds and the service that is provided reflects this.

"It's a shame this resident has to move away purely because of poor transport facilities to and from the Northwich area.

"Transport links are also advertised on numerous house selling boards as an attraction for people to move into the area, but this transport facility is very poor and at times does not actually exist."

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