A RADIO play set in a fictional Cheshire town and created from start to finish in Moulton will be launched this summer.

A team of scriptwriters have written 21 15-minute episodes of 'Littlewich Ways', set to become the Cheshire version of The Archers, and recording has started.

Storylines will follow the lives of a set of characters living in the fictional town called Littlewich.

Peter Collins, who launched the project, said: "We're progressing but it's just getting it so we're happy with the process, happy with the way things are being done and then progress, all of a sudden, will get ramped up."

Peter and fellow scriptwriter Debbie Bennett, also from Moulton, gave a sneak preview of the plays at Viva Coffee and Juice Bar as part of Northwich LitFest.

"The feedback we got was very encouraging," Peter said.

"We played two scenes from the first cut and played the theme music and that grabbed their attention – they seemed to really enjoy it."