DRUNKEN youths have been blamed for trashing poppy wreaths at Lostock's war memorial.

PC Fiona Dattoo says there is an increasing problem with teenagers drinking on Thursday nights, particularly in Works Lane where Lostock Social Club is based.

She found the wrecked poppies while on patrol last week.

"I was particularly shocked to find that the poppy wreaths from the war memorial had been removed and left up and down the road," she said.

"There have also been incidents of damage reported by local residents."

PC Dattoo said residents have asked if the student night could be stopped but she is keen to stress the trouble is not connected to the club.

"The main problems are occurring on Works Lane. Young people, who are obviously refused alcohol at the club as they are underage, bring drink with them and stash it around the area."

PC Dattoo said Martin Peak and staff ran the club well and look after security well.

She said: "The club provides a really good facility for the young people of Northwich and further afield."

But she warns that young people need to take responsibility for their actions or they will lose the facility.

"It would be a shame for the young people if this were to happen but if they want to ensure that this facility continues running they need to think about the potential consequences of their behaviour.

"I'm sure that the people concerned are usually sensible and responsible and generally know better than this.

"Unfortunately, having had a few drinks this sense of responsibility seems to disappear."