CALLS have been made for the developers behind plans for a gas plant on the edge of Rudheath and Lostock to spend some money on the area.

Lostock Parish Council has adopted a pragmatic approach towards Cheshire Energy Ltd's proposals to store 246 million cubic metres of gas in nine underground cavities on land off King Street and to house a processing facility on the former Associated Octel site in Lostock.

Although councillors expressed concern about the proposals they concede it will be difficult to fight them in light of two gas plants already approved for Byley and Lach Dennis.

Council chairman Shaun Wells said: "I don't think we've got a cat in hell's chance of stopping it. The Byley gas plant set the precedent and this will go through.

"But there's a vast amount of money made on this and I see no reason why they can't spread that about a bit and we get something for the benefit of the community out of this."

Residents have been asked where money could be spent in the village and anyone with ideas should write to parish clerk Jean Starkey at 4 Shavington Way, Forest Hill, Kingsmead, Northwich, CW9 8FH.