APPALLING public transport services have forced a Northwich man to sell his house in favour of city life.

After five years of living in Kingsmead, John Evans, of Monarch Drive, is selling up to live in Manchester because he says it is virtually impossible to get out of Northwich by bus and train.

"I work in Manchester and I can't rely on public transport to get me there. If I want to get from Kingsmead I have to get a two buses up to Northwich train station.

"The trains run hourly and sometimes they don't run at all.

"They're also expensive and pretty dirty when you do manage to catch one."

The 31-year-old says it is ridiculous at a time when the Government is encouraging us to use public transport in a bid to be more eco friendly.

"I've had enough of using the car all the time but if I want to get anywhere I can't rely on public transport."

Mr Evans is a network architect for Zen Internet and the nature of his work means he has to find work in metropolitan areas.

"But I wanted to be live in Cheshire because I've grown up around here and my family live round here.," he said.

"Kingsmead is a lovely place but you really can't do much if you don't use a car."

Last week our sister paper the Knutsford Guardian reported how the last train from Manchester leaves the city at 11.09pm and asked whether Northern Rail should put on a later service.

Mr Evans feels people living in Northwich would welcome this idea.

"Most people in their 20s and 30s want a decent night life without it having to be cut short."

And readers of the Guardian website seem to agree.

Andrew, from Northwich, posted: "I use the line regularly for nights out in Chester, Manchester, and sometimes towns and villages in between but always have to cut the night short.

Simon H, from Knutsford, added: "There may not be the need to run the service through to Chester but I would have thought to Northwich at least.

"As it stands, I almost feel like Cinderella when I go out in Manchester, having to run off to catch the last train before midnight."

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