LABOUR has snatched control of Cheshire West and Chester Council in a dramatic twist - almost 40 hours after the polls closed.

The count, held at Northgate Arena in Chester, had to be postponed last night after the Conservatives requested a recount in one of the final seats to be called.

But due to the lateness of the request, chief executive Steve Robinson ordered the count to continue on Saturday.

And when the recount began it was confirmed Labour had won the final seat in Newton ward by just 34 votes.

They clinched the other seat in the ward as well meaning Labour had two more seats than the Conservatives and gained overall control.

The previous composition of Cheshire West and Chester Council was 42 Conservative, 32 Labour, 1 Lib Dem.

The composition of the new council is 38 Labour, 36 Conservatives and one Independent.

CWaC is the first Tory local authority in the country so far where Labour has gained overall control.

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