A FORMER Moulton resident has sent in this Remember When picture all the way from Australia.

The photograph shows youngsters in the Moulton Maypole squad of 1954/55 and was sent in by John Pugh, who lived in Moulton from 1952 to 1972.

He has lived in Perth, in western Australia, since 1974.

He remembers most of the names but there are a few question marks.

Names he remembers are, back row from left, himself, John Pugh, Backer, Kendrick, Geoffrey Carter, Barry Tomlinson, John Lyons, Stockall, unknown, Edwin Fryer and Alan Burgess.

Front row, from left, are Mrs Stockall, unknown, Helen Gibson, unknown, unknown, Carol Harrison, unknown, Barbara Bebbington, unknown, Gillian Hough and two more unknown faces.

John said: "If my memory serves me right most of the boys in this photo including me also made up the junior Moulton Crow squad.

"Hope this brings back some memories and nostalgia, most of us would now be in our 70s."

John said his older sister Jean was also the Moulton Festival Queen in the early 1950s.

If you can fill in some of the unknown names email gina.bebbington@nqnw.co.uk or ring 01606 813624.