BARNTON Parish Council is in discussions with “an interested party” over the possible sale of Gunners Clough Wood.

The approach to the council follows an article in the Guardian recently about the cost of the woodland to the parish council.

At a council meeting in January council clerk Phillip Evoy described the woodland as “a financial millstone around the neck of this community”.

At the meeting councillors said the woodland was not greatly used, the steps down to it were steep and it had been difficult to attract volunteers to help maintain it.

The council bought the woodland in 2010 at auction for £10,000 to ensure it was maintained for future generations to enjoy and not sold for development.

The woodland costs the council is repayments in relation to its purchase, maintenance and repairs and a tree survey every three years. It is in a steep valley, and can be accessed from Hough Lane via wooden steps.

“As a result of an article in the Northwich Guardian about the woodland the parish council is in discussion with an interested party,” said Mr Evoy.