VOLUNTEERS are needed to help crackdown on speeding drivers in Davenham.

The village centre became a 20mph zone last year but residents and the parish council say the new restrictions are being ignored.

Davenham Parish Council hopes to set up a 20mph speed management group to monitor the situation and tackle speeding motorists.

Police carried out a monitoring session in the village in January and sent the results through to the council.

Vicky Stock, parish council clerk, said: "There were a few people driving at a higher speed.

"They were spoken to and advised and it was noted that they lived in Davenham.

"They stated they didn't know a 20mph restriction was in place."

She said the average speed was 21mph and the highest speed clocked by police was 31mph, "We can put a group together and I'm asking members of the public to come forward and help me set up this group," Vicky said.

Cllr Andy Duff, parish council chairman, said: "They would stand with a speed gun and high visibility jacket and monitor the speed.

"They would also be a high visibility deterrent to enforce the speed at times members of the public would want."

Volunteers would receive training and there is no cost to setting the group up.

The 20mph zone currently includes London Road, Green Lane, Church Street and Fulton Grove.

Plans are being put together by Cheshire West and Chester Council's highways department to include Mount Pleasant Road and Hartford Road in the zone.

Proposals for 20mph roundels to be painted on the road have also been agreed.

Cllr Arthur Wood said: "That would help because people are looking at the road in front of them hopefully, not signs on poles."

Anyone who would like to volunteer for the speed management group should email clerk@davenhampc.org.uk or ring the clerk on 07443 579057.