RESEARCHERS from the readership have not let Remember When down when it comes to finding out about a mystery grave in Lostock Gralam.

Resident Robert Corker got in touch with the Guardian when he spotted the grave of a rancher killed by Native Americans in Montana in the 19th century.

The grave, at St John's Church, is for Edward Buckley Caldwell and the inscription explains he was 'killed by Indians at Fort Benton, Montana, USA, March 1887, aged 29 years'.

The gravestone says that Edward's father was Hugh Caldwell and his mother was Ellen Buckley.

Readers Mike Grainger and Patrick Gowans got in touch with the Guardian with more information about the family.

Hugh was born in Stone, in Staffordshire, and Ellen was born in Yarnfield, Staffordshire.

They married in 1836 in Stone and had nine children – Edward was the youngest of the family.

At some point the family moved to Northwich and Hugh worked as a canal agent at Wincham Wharf.

Details sent in by Patrick show that Edward was christened at Odd Rode, in Cheshire, on June 28, 1857.

The 1861 census shows that the family lived at Lock House, Hall Green, in Odd Road.

By the 1871 censusEdward is a pupil at Sibford Ferris School, in Oxfordshire, and his mother lives with her son Frederick John Caldwell in Pennys Lane, in Northwich, where the pair still reside 10 years later.

Barnton reader Raine Alexander also contacted the Guardian with information from the Sibford School and Fort Benton.

The Sibford School has confirmed that Edward was a pupil fromSeptember 1867 to May 1871 and his home address was Acton, in Cheshire.

Ken Robison, Fort Benton historian, wrote to Raine to say that they have had a number of queries about Edward from Cheshire, including in the 1990s, 2007 and 2011, and gave more information.

He said that Edward must have arrived too late for the 1880 census and added: "He worked for JD Weatherwax, a rancher on the Teton River, west of Fort Benton, for several years until he acquired enough money to set up his own ranch – he may in fact have bought the Weatherwax ranch.

"Details of his 1887 murder were carried in both the Fort Benton and Great Falls newspapers."

Ken adds that Edward was first buried in Riverside Cemetery, in Montana,leading Raine to wonder if his remains were later re-interred at Lostock Gralam.