WINCHAM residents are being urged to write to George Osborne about the “devastation” campaigners say a high speed rail link will cause for their village.

The call comes from Ewen Simpson, a member of campaign group Mid Cheshire Against HS2, who lived in Wincham for almost 20 years.

“Wincham will not enjoy any benefit from the imposition of HS2, far from it - HS2 will devastate the village,” said Mr Simpson.

“I speak as someone who lived in Wincham from 1979 to 1998, and now live in Whatcroft, which will be equally devastated.”

“Linnards Lane, in the vicinity of Smoker Brook Barn, Home Farm, Keats Lane, Milton Close, Shelley Avenue, John Fryer Avenue, Green Lane, Pear Tree Drive, The Woodlands, Orchard Close and Pickmere Lane from Orchard Close to the Red Lion, will be the most severely affected by noise pollution from HS2, especially as the line will run on a 10-metre high embankment – with 82 decibels predicted.

“Then we have to face the fact that the construction corridor will be a minimum of 200 metres wide.

“I would not be happy at this prospect, especially if I lived at Smoker Brook Barn or Home Farm.

“We also have to acknowledge that construction traffic, from earth-moving machinery and massive dumper trucks to HGVs and smaller vehicles, will effectively shut Wincham down.

“How long for is anyone’s guess, infrastructure projects never run to time and never to budget. So if you live in the remainder of Wincham, you will not be able to escape the effects of HS2 construction.

“What can each resident of Wincham do to try and influence the outcome? Write to your MP with a copy to the local press, and stress travel alternatives that will be more beneficial to the commuter and long-distance traveller.

“Please write now to George Osborne. His activists will know how many of his constituents have written and how often – believe me that will be an influence.

“I was an activist in Yorkshire, and know the result of a deluge of letters.”

He also called for people to write to the candidates who will be standing in Tatton in the General Election.

“I am aware there will be candidates opposed to HS2 – get them to publically support those of us who oppose it. It will not be easy, but the result could be very worthwhile.”

Ben Ruse, HS2 lead spokesperson, said: “We are still examining various options for the best way for HS2 to run near Northwich. We are expecting a decision from the Government after the election and people will then have an opportunity to comment on the proposals to Parliament.

“This new transport network will bring significant national benefits as well as creating jobs and regeneration opportunities. We will do all we can to reduce the impact on local residents.

“This includes a code of construction practice during the building of the railway that will set out a range of commitments and ways of working that will minimise disruption.”