HS2 campaigners are predicting “a nightmare” on local roads during the construction of the proposed high speed rail link.

The claim comes from campaign group Mid Cheshire Against HS2, which spoke to Wincham Parish Council.

Chris Wilson from the group told councillors there would be a significant impact on the local area during the construction period of phase two of the link.

“When they start to build this line there is going to be significant disruption through the area for 10 years,” he said.

“The A556 will become a main artery for materials for the building of HS2, and there will be a nightmare on the roads round here, especially as they cut through Linnards Lane and various other points along the route.

“The police are going to be tearing their hair out when this starts to be built.”

He said the proposed route runs east of Lostock Green up to the A556, across the A556 through Winnington Wood and then on through Pickmere.

“As it comes to Lostock Green it rises to get to a height of something like 30 feet above the road going over the A556, and maintains that height through Winnington Wood, and does not start to fall until it gets to the other side.

“At no point at the moment does it go underground through Cheshire. What we have is a huge embankment and viaduct that crosses Lower Wincham, about 500 metres from the nearest house.”

Parish council chairman Annie Makepeace said: “The line comes through the area where we live, we are a community of villages in Cheshire and what affects one affects all of us.

“The bottom line is that as a country we do not need this.”

Mr Wilson said the Government had tried various methods to attempt to 'sell' HS2 to the public, but almost every poll on the issue had shown that about 90 per cent of the public were against the idea.

Following a request from the council the campaign group is to provide it with information on HS2 which it can distribute to residents via its newsletter.