FORMER Brownies and Guides have been in touch with the Guardian after photographs from yesteryear appeared in Remember When.

These pictures showed 1st and 2nd Castle Brownies at the former United Reformed Church and were brought in by reader Denis Cain.

One of the pictures was taken outdoors and shows Guides and Brownies lined up for their photograph.

Suzanne Johnson (nee Toms) contacted us with more details and names.

She said: "I think this was taken in the 1970s.

"I attended Castle Guides at United Reformed Church, in fact I think I might be on that photo."

She named Gill Wickens and Mrs Sage, the Guide leaders, and Valerie Beech along with possible names for Guides Karen Mellor, Julie Langston, Julie Toms, Gill Blackhurst and Lynne Young.

The second photograph shows Brownies around a birthday cake and includes former Guardian reporter Ruth Eaton, pictured on the left of the three women.

Elizabeth Shaughnessy (nee Hughes) easily spotted herself on the picture.

"My husband turned over the page and said 'do you know anyone on there?' and I said 'yes, I'm stood right at the front with Ruth Eaton'," she said.

"I remember the picture being taken and have a feeling it was the Brownies' 21st birthday party.

"It was at the church at the top of Castle Hill and we used to go down the side, round the back and there were some rooms there we used to use.

"The faces are familiar but I can't remember any more names."

She recalled that the woman stood next to Ruth Eaton was Mrs Vernon.

Elizabeth, 71, said she was a member of 2nd Castle Brownies from when she was seven and that the picture must have been taken before 1952 as that was when the family moved from Castle to Davenham.

If anyone has any more information about the pictures, or any pictures of their own to share email or ring 01606 813624.