VILLAGERS are forming a scriptwriting and acting team to create a Cheshire version of The Archers.

A series of 15-minute radio plays set in a fictional mid Cheshire village called Littlewich and following the antics of 14 core characters is being drawn up in Moulton.

The group is now appealing for more scriptwriters, actors and anyone who can help facilitate recordings.

Peter Collins, of Main Road, came up with the idea as an extension of his work with Moulton Drama Group.

"It's not as demanding as being involved with a play," he said.

"I know about acting and directing and it's very time consuming.

"It doesn't take up as much time because you don't have to learn all the lines.

"When it comes to casting a play you might have someone who has the voice for the part but doesn't have the look, you don't have to worry for radio.

"It can extend the creativity of the drama group by building a scriptwriting team and by being a different form.

"It also helps people who don't have the confidence to get straight up on the stage.

"It's voluntary so it has to be fun but you also have to put a bit of effort in to get somewhere – it's trying to get the balance right so that it's fun without being stressed up to your eyeballs."

The group, called Littlewich Ways Productions, currently has a scriptwriting team of five meeting once a week to peer review scripts submitted by three scriptwriters.

It needs another two or three scriptwriters to join to help hit the target of creating an episode a week.

So far the village and its key meeting places have been planned and the 14 core characters clearly defined.

Actors will have three weeks to prepare with a month's set of scripts before a single rehearsal followed by the recording of the month's episodes a week later.

The episodes will be broadcast on the Moulton Drama Group website.

Anyone interested in writing, acting, providing sound effects or anyone who can facilitate the recordings should email or ring 01606 860124.