FOOTBALL club secretary Mike Alcock has vowed not to let the vandals win after new goals were wrecked for the second time.

The small-sided goals were bought by Rudheath Social FC for younger children who struggled to play with the larger goals.

They were put up in April, but within a few weeks had been damaged.

Mr Alcock was able to repair them, but was on holiday last week when he was rung with news that the vandals had struck again.

Unfortunately this time the damage was irreparable, with youths having smashed a crossbar and the clips holding the plastic posts together and slashing the nets.

“When I was rung about the latest damage it knocked the stuffing out of me, but these mindless idiots will not beat us,” said Mr Alcock.

“We will come up with a plan, which could involve putting up metal goalposts and possibly removing the nets after each game.

“Whatever happens we will have new goals within the next few weeks – I will make sure of that.

“We bought small-sided goals for the younger children to play in at the top end of the pitch on Griffiths Park at a cost of £250.

“However they have now been damaged beyond repair, which is a crying shame that some mindless idiots do this as the younger ones loved them.

“As a football club we are trying to involve all the community in what we are doing, and it’s frustrating a minority feel fit to vandalise something put up for their pleasure.”

The latest damage was spotted by club committee member Andrew Hood and fellow committee member and first team coach Richard Maddock when they were cutting the grass on the pitch.

“A lot of time, effort and money have gone into the club, which has come a long way from where it was,” said Mr Alcock.

“We are proud of what we have achieved, and will not allow a small minority to spoil it.”

If anyone would like to offer replacement goals or a contribution towards their purchase they can ring Mr Alcock on 07578 336691.