A CANDLELIT supper with African tales will be held in Northwich on Friday, June 27.

St Helen’s Church is hosting the event with an after dinner talk by Angela and Gordon Atkinson about charitable efforts to build a school in Kenya.

The menu for the evening, which starts at 7pm, includes a welcome drink and amuse-bouche, a selection of cold meats, vegetarian options and summer salads and a choice of sweets.

Guests are welcome to bring their own wine.

The talk will be about the charity Under the Mango Tree, which has raised money to build a classroom in the rural area of Kambe, north of Mombasa.

Gordon and Angela will report back from their visit to the school, where they presented an oak plaque made with wood from Marbury Park and laser printed by Weaverham High School.

The charity is now fundraising for another classroom at the school and needs to raise an extra £3,000.

Tickets for the candlelit supper are £8 for adults and £3 for children.

They must be booked in advance and for more information email gdaama73@gmail.com or ring 01606 352110.