A WINDOW into Winsford’s past has been unexpectedly discovered behind a kitchen cupboard in Winnington.

A metre-long photograph was found rolled up and tucked away in a kitchen in Winnington Lane.

It depicts students and staff at Verdin County Grammar School, in Winsford, in April 1957.

Pauline Chester found the scrolled school photo when she was helping her grandaughter renovate her house.

“We’ve stripped the old fashioned cupboards out of the kitchen and behind was a gap,” she said.

“I could just see something so I got it out and it was this photograph from 1957.

“I couldn’t have thrown it away – there will be someone who will love it.”

The 57-year-old picture is a little creased and marked in places but is in impressive condition.

It shows hundreds of members of the school neatly attired in their uniforms with many of the teachers in gowns and the headteacher also wearing a mortarboard.

Boys and girls are on separate sides of the group with the teachers sat in the middle on the second row from the bottom.

The teachers’ faces look particularly stern and there is a mix of smiles and frowns from the children.

One girl in the middle of the top row must have moved as the picture was taken and her face is blurred.

Could you be one of the people in the picture?

Can you name any of the teachers and pupils?

Are you the original owner who lived at Winnington Lane and why did the picture end up behind the kitchen cupboards?

If you can shed any light on the discovery or can share names or stories from the school in the 1950s we want to hear from you.

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