A DIFFERENT perspective on Northwich’s history has been provided by one of the town’s most renowned photographers.

Peter Sumner, of Winnington Street, has sent in a series of aerial photographs of Northwich town centre, which show how the area has changed.

They were taken when 86-year-old Peter was working as a photographer for British Salt, in Middlewich.

“They have big lagoons where they keep the brine,” he said.

“I used to have to hire an aircraft periodically to photograph the lagoons and see what state they were in and whenever I did I had a little nose around myself and did one or two for my own interest.”

One of these pictures shows the former Regal cinema, in London Road, before Screen Two was built.

It also shows the theatre that was built on land where the Job Centre and Theatre Court, home to the Guardian office, are now.

The other picture shows Town Bridge open and on it can be seen the former garage and car showroom Lookers of Northwich, the former pub The Sportsman and the Bull Ring before Weaver Way and Chesterway were built.

More of Peter’s pictures and the story of his 52-year career will be featured next week.