A SUBWAY in Northwich town centre would be filled in if a council could find the money.

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) has confirmed that in an ideal world it would fill in Northwich’s underpass, beneath Chesterway.

A spokesman said: “We do support the principle of filling in the subway.

“Research shows that a crossing on ground level is safer and people are more likely to use it.

“The issue at the moment is funding, which isn’t available at the moment.

“If the situation changes and we do have access to funding then it’s something we will take forward.”

The suggestion that the subway could be closed and filled in as part of CWAC’s plans for Memorial Court has polarised opinion among Guardian readers.

Peter Roberts, from Castle, said: “Anyone I’ve spoken to doesn’t agree it should be filled in.

“Every time I walk under it there are people using it.

“If they fill it in they would have to put an extra pelican crossing in it will slow everyone down.

“What it needs, and it’s common sense, is repainting then it will look smart.

“It needs extra lighting under there for security and the other thing they could put in there for security is a camera.

“If they were going to build a subway like that now it would cost a fortune, it’s a massive job.”

Commenting on the Guardian’s website northwichguardian.co.uk, Daniel18 said: “I think it should be filled – it’s dark and depressing.”

He added: “The road through town is not a rat run short cut.

“At the end of the day pedestrians should get priority in the town centre.

“If we want people to come to town then they need to feel safe, and I can assure you that walking through a subway does not make you feel safe.”