A RUSTING tugboat has prompted reflections on its heritage.

Reader John Beresford took this photograph of the tugboat Proceed, moored on the River Weaver.

He said: “This tugboat called Proceed was built in belgium in the 1950's and worked in Holland and parts of the UK including the Mersey.

“About 10 years ago it ascended the weaver under its own power and berthed at the former Pimblotts boat yard opposite the Kingsmead estate.

“it has remained in the same spot ever since, quietly deteriorating and rusting away.

“I believe that it's original owners were local company Jalsea Marine but do not know who it's present owners are.

“While it is a familiar sight on the Weaver I have been unable to ascertain what the future holds for it.

“Will it be eventually restored or, like the wreck of the Chica near Dutton Locks, become one more abandoned boat on the banks of the Weaver?”