A COLLECTIVE of artists are exploring the theme of normality with their latest exhibition in Northwich.

Northwich and Chester based artists Beth Barlow, Simon Kennedy and Jason Sheppard, from Working Title Artists Collective, are staging ‘Norm’ at Artwork Studios and Gallery, in Navigation Road.

The group has addressed the question ‘how do we know what normal is?’, using photography, paint and etching as a few of their mediums.

Beth Barlow said: “This kind of contemporary exhibition is more often seen in our big cities but living in Northwich we think it’s important to show our work locally too.

“It shouldn’t only be those in the cities who get culture on their doorstep.”

Simon Kennedy said: “I think it’s part of the job of an artist to give us things to think about.

“My work tries to do this in a way which is colourful and appealing.”

Contributing artist Jason Sheppard has ADHD and has created work which gives the viewer insight into the world through his eyes.

“I’m aiming to increase awareness of such hidden conditions and in doing so break down the stigma that surrounds them, not least 'that they don't exist'," he said.

Carolyn Shepherd, Artwork Studio director, said: "I hope young people who are studying art at our local colleges will be inspired by the example of professionalism of these contemporary artists and feel encouraged to stage their own exhibitions here in the future."

The exhibition runs from February 12 to March 2.