A WINSFORD mum feared she ‘could have gone up in flames’ after her cooker malfunctioned, leaving her with nothing to make a hot meal with.

Churchill Parkway resident, Kerry Pitcher, bought a cooker from Brighthouse Winsford on a two year purchase arrangement, but the device malfunctioned last week, melting her cooker point.

“I’m not happy. I understand that it takes time for an engineer to come out, but even though I’ve got a 12-year-old daughter to feed, I’m apparently not classed as a priority,” she said.

“It’s been hell. No-one has come out yet and it happened last Monday.”

A council electrician disconnected the cooker.

“I always turn the cooker mains switch off after using it. The council electrician said it was a good job I did, because I could have gone up in flames otherwise.”

Kerry is now stuck paying for a cooker that isn’t functioning.

Brighthouse have said they will send an engineer out to Kerry to collect the cooker and provide a replacement in the meantime