A CONTROVERSIAL political leader is speaking in Northwich this month as the town becomes a key battle ground for votes.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), will speak at Winnington Park Recreation Club, in Park Road, on Friday, January 24.

The event comes as political parties gear up for the European Election in May this year and the General Election in May 2015.

Mr Farage said: “Northwich, with its salt mining and working class, industrial heritage is perfect territory for UKIP to gather support.

“Historically this is a town that has had a lot of Labour support but I know from the campaigning we conducted in Northwich town centre in mid-December that many Labour voters are fed up with the coalition Government yet feel no empathy or warmth for Ed Miliband.

“This is true of voters in many northern towns and cities and it’s a key reason why Labour voters are turning increasingly to UKIP.”

Cuddington man Chris Watkin, chairman of UKIP Cheshire West, said: “We aim to win Weaver Vale at the next General Election in 2015 and I am delighted that Nigel is visiting the town to hear what local people have got to say.

“We are expecting a big turnout at Winnington Rec because people constantly tell me they are fed up with phoney politics we are being constantly fed by LibLabCon.”

In the week following Mr Farage’s visit to Northwich, hustings will be held to determine UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Weaver Vale for the General Election.

Hartford man Stuart Glendinning, from UKIP Cheshire West, said: “UKIP is aiming to win 60 seats in the next General Election and Weaver Vale is one of those.

“That would be sufficient for us to then form a coalition with another party.”

Mr Farage will speak at Winnington Park Recreation Club, in Park Road, at 7pm on January 24.

Mr Watkin said: “I expect a crowd of over 200 to attend Winnington Rec.

“It’s free to attend but I suggest people get there early.”

For more information visit ukipcheshirewest.wordpress.com, email Chris at chriswatkin72@gmail.com or ring 07940 877465.