A WINSFORD bookworm was laughing all the way to the bank, after the comedy books he read helped him secure a cash prize from the library.

Wayne Lea, 38, of Windsor Drive, made his way through Karl Pilkington’s An Idiot Abroad and the biography of Rob Brydon on his way to winning a crisp £50.

Winsford Library’s Reading Rewards scheme challenged participants to cram in eight books before the end of October to stand a chance in the contest.

Librarian in charge Ian Anstice said: “Feedback from those who took part was overwhelmingly positive, with many saying they were enjoying the challenge – and books which would never have been chosen by them otherwise.

“I’m normally into science fiction but have enjoyed reading other subjects like travel and biographies,” added Wayne, who said he was delighted to win the cash prize.

l Elsewhere, it was announced that Winsford Library had the most number of starters for the children’s Summer Reading Challenge Creepy House.

Uptake was double that of last year.

“To have more children taking part than Ellesmere Port or even Chester was great success for us,” said Mr Anstice.

Winsford Library came third overall for the number of completers.

Children had to read six books of their choice over the summer holidays to complete and were given stickers and prizes along the way, with a certificate and medal at the end.