LAST week’s Remember When picture special of the 75th anniversary celebrations of Brunner Mond and ICI has sparked great interest from Guardian readers.

More than 23,000 people took part in the celebrations, which took place on Jubilee field one year later, on May 21 1949.

We asked readers if anyone could shed any light on one picture, which the Guardian now understands was a control room for the event’s entertainment.

Speakers were scattered around the field allowing people to listen to music.

Thirteen miles of electric, telephone and public address cables were laid by the Division Electrical Department, with Mr R E Tugman, T J Cook and W Yearsley manning the control van.

Leftwich man Phil Yarwood, who was eight at the time of the 1949 celebrations, contacted the Guardian last week with more information about the celebrations.

“It was just after the war and everyone needed a boost and it did just that,” said 72-year-old Phil, who went on to work for ICI for 24 years.

“My youngest brother Adrian is pictured in the 75th anniversary issue of Alkali News – he’s in the lost property tent after he got lost. He was only two at the time.”

Middlewich Road resident John Buckley also contacted the Guardian after reading last week’s Remember When.

The 84-year-old, who was working for the company as an electrician at the time of the celebrations, said: “It’s the history of Northwich in a way.”

John owns two copies of the Alkali News, which published four special 75th anniversary issues, with the Guardian now having seen the February, May and November 1949 editions.

Do you have a copy of the first anniversary special, published in November 1948?

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