DO you remember the 75th anniversary celebrations of Brunner Mond and ICI?

The celebrations, which took place on Jubilee field one year later in 1949, saw 23,000 guests don their best attire and join in with the event which could easily rival some of today’s biggest events.

Employees and members of their families were given tickets for free ice cream, beer, water, tea, food and fairground rides.

75,000 cups of tea were consumed throughout the day, which equates to 127kg of tea, 254kg of sugar, 1,819 litres of milk and 12,024 litres of water.

4,500 long loaves of bread were cut into 187,500 slices and buttered with 254kg of butter and margarine or filled with meat or vegetable sandwich spread.

More than 70,000 fancy cakes and 3,000 slab cakes were also served at the event.

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