A FOUNDER member of a big band featured in the Guardian’s Remember When section has been in touch with more memories of its 1950s glory days.

Drummer Tony Woolrich was able to fill in some of the missing names from the picture we featured of the Semi Quavers when they played at The Drill Hall, in Darwin Street, on December 1, 1950.

The photograph was sent to us by Donald Blackhurst, from Hartford, after his sister Doris Hine, 87, found it during a sort out.

Doris, who was married to band leader Frank Hine, could name, from left, Mo Buckley, Geoff Poole, an unknown musician, Tony Woolrich, Syd Spilsbury, Mr Millington, the compere, Frank Hine and David Birtwistle.

Tony said the unknown musician was trumpet player Ken Faulkner and the compere was Miles Mathers.

“Every other Saturday we played at Mersey View,” he said.

“I bumped into a lady the other day who said they used to be really excited about it and she met her husband there.

“During one of our special numbers some of the dancers would stop dancing and gather around the stage.

“We had a coach from Middlewich that used to transport us and we used to take a few friends with us, we had some really good nights.”

He left the band in 1957, under orders from his wife Claudia, when their first daughter was born and family commitments took over.