SALE and Altrincham Musical Theatre have a hit on their hands with Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical.

What’s more, I believe I have discovered a genius. He is Ian Curran who plays the lead role of a man who, after scientific experiments, develops two personalities, good Dr Jekyll and wicked Mr Hyde. He gives one of the most impressive singing and acting performances I have seen in a long time.

Dr Jekyll is engaged to Emma Carew (Francesca Bowman) and is a kind and considerate fiancé.

His good looks don’t only attract Emma, his alter ego, Mr Hyde, wins the heart of prostitute, Lucy (Elizabeth Lovelady).

Ian excels in the evil department. His Mr Hyde is murderous, immoral and a rampant sexual predator.

His voice is second to none especially when singing This is the Moment.

Towards the end he rapidly swaps from one role to the other during one song yet we all know which character he is.

Elizabeth’s Lucy exudes sexuality when she sings Bring on the Men.

In a moving duet, though on separate sides of the stage, the two women sing of their feelings for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a moving duet In his Eyes.

The chorus are second to none. Well done Musical Director John G Barry and his orchestra, Choreographer James Goodwin and, award winning director, Martyn Preston.

The saddest part of this tear jerker comes at the end. Close your eyes and you are in the West End.