DUNHAM Thespians came up with an unusual comedy farce for its latest production.

It is one of a series of plays written by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin, in which the members of the Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society put on an unsuccessful production in which anything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

This play has the incredible title of The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Farndale Castle.

The title is self-explanatory after an eloping couple seek help at a haunted castle after their car breaks down.

The pair, June and Marty, are played by TWG members Thelma and Kristoff, who, in turn, are played by Louise Burgess and Tom Mungovan.

It’s important, as a member of the audience, that one is able to distinguish between those from the Farndale Players and their new roles in the play within a play.

The programme helps a lot as it makes it clear who is playing whom.

It is also down to the skills of the cast to help the audience make this distinction, which they do remarkably well.

Nevertheless, I heard several audience members remark that they thought the play was ‘silly’, a view with which I have some sympathy.

One of my favourite characters is Laura Kinsella as the self-possessed Mrs Reece who, in turn, plays Lady Madge Graves. She considers herself in charge of everything, including compering the interval poetry competition.

Another amusing part, is that of Crematia, the maid and well portrayed by Felicity AKA Joan Jones.

The sound effects are on cue, but I felt there were rather too many dark sequences from the lighting department.

This is about a small dramatic society by a small dramatic society so it is all in perfect sync.

• The Haunted Through Lounge was at Dunham Massey Village Hall Star rating: * * *.