PRISCILLA, Queen of the Desert will bring the Garrick season to an emotional climax.

Director Joe Meighan believes Stephan Elliott’s well-thought-out musical gets the mix of happiness and tragedy just right.

“The three principal characters, two of whom are drag queens, and one a transgender woman, are Tick, Adam and Bernadette, played respectively by Todd Bennett, Rhys Nuttall and Mark Butt."

Joe said directing the show was a challenge.

“Not only are the leads learning the songs and music, they cope with elaborate dresses, too.

“The songs and dances are complicated and the set, complex. The hundreds of costumes require quick changes.”

The set will include a 14-ft bus — Priscilla

A band led by Mark Goggins will play well-known tunes such as It’s raining men and I will survive. Joe thinks the audience will especially like the latter.

He said: “There are 35 musical numbers and amazing choreography. We are lucky to have choreographer Louise Pettit who, for many years, performed professionally.

“It’s all about celebrating who you are. The three Divas, as they are known, all have issues. The most traumatic is that of Tick who travels with the others to Alice Springs to meet the son he has never seen.

“On the way, some ignorant, homophobic yobs upset them.”

Joe is impressed with seven-year-old Dylan Williams, who plays Benji, Tick’s son.

“He is a very intelligent little boy who understands the issues raised in the production,” said Joe.

“In an especially moving scene, his father reads him a bedtime story for the first time”.

The amazing finale lasts six minutes and involves every member of the cast singing a medley of the songs.

* Priscilla Queen of the Desert is at Altrincham Garrick Playhouse from May 21 to 26.

For tickets call 0161 928 1677 or book online.