OH yes it does! The Nomads panto brings pleasure to all ages and lightens up the dark days of January.

A key character in this show is, of course, Puss-in-Boots.The slinky, sexy puss, played by Megan Douglas, has been created by Fairy Moonbeam (Anna Simmons) to protect the village of WellAir for 24 hours when the fairy loses her powers.

Megan is, indeed, a top cat. She is strong and forceful and oozes stage presence.

Her owner, Will, falls for Princess Giselle. Well done Jill Mallen and Sarah Reilly.

The person from whom the village needs protecting is the Ogre. Howard Anson has a deep, loud voice which resonates to the back of the audience sending shivers down every spine.

He deservedly gets boos from the kids.

As his reluctant assistant, Blotch, Jenny Hollinshead’s grovelling respect cleverly hides fear. We all realise that she is no baddy.

The three comedy characters, Derek Stuart-Cole as Widow Trump. Jenna Murray as Harum and Chris Simmons as Scarum have the children in the palm of their hands.

This panto has an additional character – the dragon. Powered by at least eight people it must have taken hours of work backstage to make him

A highlight of the show, the dancing, owes credit to four choreographers – Karen Carr, Zoie Estherby, Liv Stuart-Cole and Sue Harris.

The five adult dancers, use their tip-toes whilst the eight little ones not only dance but sing and talk as well.

The five-strong band give a catchy accompaniment.

Well done Val Jellyman and her team for the costumes. The dame’s robes are especially impressive.

* Puss and Boots is at Sale Waterside Arts Centre on varying times and dates until January 21. For tickets, telephone 0161 969 5140 or 0161 912 5616. Star rating: * * * * .