THE Lowry have launched their production of Titanic, the musical to be performed at the Salford Theatre from May 7 to 12.

Those attending enjoyed a White Star Line-type afternoon tea after watching two cast members sing Proposal and the Night was Alive composed by Maury Yeston who also wrote the lyrics based on a book by Peter Stone.

An actual message sent from the stoker, Barrett to his fiancée, inspired the songs which were performed beautifully by Niall Sheehy as Barrett and Oliver Marshall as his bride-to-be, accompanied by Jordan Li-Smith.

Jo Lloyd from Smooth Radio, who hosted the event, stated that the roles were based on the lives of real passengers, including an ancestor of hers who, with her mother, survived, and lived to be 100.

She questioned co-producer, Danielle Tarento.

Danielle said: “It is important to keep the passengers’ memory alive and the composer expresses human emotions.

“We have created it all with a cast of just 25. Actors double up parts, playing all classes of passenger.

“In the case of a disaster, it doesn’t matter what class you are, you are all just people.”

Although Titanic: the musical has been performed by amateur groups, this tour will be its first professional performance in the UK and Ireland. The performance at Salford will be fourth on the tour.

Danielle said: “We are aware that everyone knows the ending so we have made a change which will cause interest.

“The show doesn’t end with the ship going down. There is an aftermath.”

Maury Yeston, the composer/writer, said: “I knew the ending was the greatest marine disaster in history but the story is really about our greatest dreams.”

* Titanic: the Musical, is at the Lowry, Salford Quays from May 7 -12. Tickets are already on sale from 0843 208 6010 or book online at