FOR its next production, Altrincham Little Theatre is to present Gates of Gold by Frank McGuinness.

This powerful, subtle and funny play explores the territory where the boundaries of love, devotion and hate coalesce.

It’s about Gabriel and Conrad, a fiercely devoted couple of actor/managers who have been together for 40 years.

This is soon to end as Gabriel suffers from emphysema.

Yes. They bicker. But their barbs are accurate because of their longstanding affection.

As Gabriel’s life slowly ebbs away, three other people enter their lives. His sister, Kassandra and her son, Ryan are selfish, greedy and in need of love at the expense of Gabriel’s suffering.

The other is Nurse Alma who has serious problems of her own but really does come to love him.

The theatre offers a warning — that this play contains strong language and sexual references.

* Gates of Gold is at Altrincham Little Theatre from January 21 – 27. Tickets, priced £9 are from or telephone 0161 928 1113.