MEGAN Douglas usually works as an administrator but in the New Year she’ll become Puss in Boots in the Nomads’ panto.

She said: “I am really a dancer. This is my first principal role.

“I love playing Puss. He is a strong character.

“He is a very confident puss who knows what he is doing.

“To be offered such a big part is amazing. Puss is my favourite character of all.

“My costume is very principal boy. I wear high boots and a sparkling tunic.

I appear very slinky and feline.”

The panto is set in Wellair, a town which is watched over by Fairy Moonbeam. Usually she protects it from the Ogre and his right-hand man, Plotch.

When the fairy loses her power for 24 hours, she puts Puss in charge.

Puss belongs to Will and they have a good relationship;

Megan said: “The children will love it because comedy duo Harum and Scarum will interact with them.

“The songs are up-to-date for them and from the nineties for their parents.”

As a dancer herself, Megan is impressed with the choreography.

“There is one number where the older and younger ones dance together.”

• Puss in Boots is at Sale Waterside Arts Centre at varying times and dates from January 12 – 21. For tickets telephone 0161 969 5140 or 0161 912 5616.