IF, as in Laura Eason’s adaptation of the Jules Verne classic, at the Lowry, you plan to travel Around the World in Eighty Days, you’ll need to get your skates on.

If not skates, then Phileas Fogg and his faithful valet, Passepartout use trains, a ship, a sleigh and even an elephant to race across the world.

A cast of eight perform 100 characters swapping clothes and props at a rate of knots.

A constant character in the New Vic Theatre’s production is Andrew Pollard as Phileas Fogg who accepts a wager to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Another is Michael Hugo’s Passepartout, his French valet.

Pollard portrays his gentleman as a wealthy character. His posture is one of self-confidence and pride. You could say, a stiff upper lip pervades him. Yet he changes as travel broadens his mind.

Hugo interacts well with the audience – even dragging two hapless young ladies to help rock the table and chairs in accord with a boat. The children love him.

Kirsten Foster plays Mrs Aouda whom the gallant pair rescue from an Indian funeral pyre. They take her to Europe and she becomes part of the happy ending.

The one who doesn’t want a happy ending is Dennis Herdman’s Inspector Fix who wishes to arrest Phileas for a crime he hasn’t committed. He is every inch the baddy.

Directed by Theresa Heskins and choreographed by Beverley Norris Edmunds, this is a show for the whole family.

* Around the World in 80 days is at the Lowry until Sunday, January 7. For tickets, telephone 0845 208 6000 or book online. Star rating: * * * *