IT was a mystery why Sale and Altrincham Musical Theatre have named their Musical Revue, 15 Minutes but, apparently, it is from an Andy Warhol quote

I like to believe it was because both they and the audience enjoy their two hour show so much, it seems to pass in a quarter of an hour.

The SAM cast cover a wide range from Manilow to Timberlake to Oasis.

The guests, Longford Community Choir, sing beautifully.

They perform three lovely numbers including the Ultimate Manchester Mash Up originally performed in memory of the Manchester Bomb victims.

Sale and Altrincham Musical Theatre have some outstanding solos and duets. Lyndsey Florin and Michael Schneck, backed by the ensemble, captivate us with Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors

Two duets performed in Songs from a Rainy City are equally appealing. They are Isn’t this a Lovely Day sung by Karen Garrattley and Dave Hunt and Rainy days and Mondays by Myra Ranson and Jan Taylor.

A solo by Paul Rendel stands out in Act 2. It is Sunday Father, a moving song to a pictorial back drop about fathers who see their sons on Sundays.

This is just one of five usually cheerful scenes which add a little sunshine to our drab, November lives.

Another impressive number features five lively and amusing male performers in Could it be Magic. The Society are lucky to have them.

The final section, Music from the Trolls, features Hello, a solo by Lyndsey Florin.

*15 Minutes is at Altrincham Little Theatre until Saturday, December 2. For tickets, telephone 07504 771 051 or 0161 865 0293 or from Star rating; * * *.