THE Great Mallard, a fascinating new play, written and directed by Martin Clare has its ‘world premier’ at Dunham Massey Village Hall until November 25.

Martin’s way with words gets better and better and it rubs off on the team whose parts have been tailor-made for them.

This has especially benefited the performances of Eleanor Cardoza as Ginny, Chris Matthews as Percy and Rachael Gallagher as Sofia Egerton-Smyth.

The action takes place in the Great Mallard Hotel, an isolated place run by the eccentric manager, Percy.

The most appealing thing about this play is that you never know what is going to happen next.

The theme is an old one – about people who follow clues to find a treasure.

Here I must pour more praise on Martin Clare. Every twist and turn has been well thought out; every clue is a masterpiece, and the happy,yet unexpected ending is the result of imaginative thinking.

The play begins with Ginny, arriving at the Great Mallard Hotel (even its name has a meaning) requesting a specific room which cannot be unlocked. Others follow with the same request.

They include a mysterious couple and a lone man

The two sets are impressive. They show the Reception/Bar/lounge of the hotel and a bedroom with double bed and dressing table.

What’s more, the back room helpers manage to change the scenes between Act I and II and back again during the raffle

The ending is the ultimate surprise which no-one in the audience can guess.

I would urge other societies to put on this well-scripted play.

*The Great Mallard is at Dunham Massey Village Hall until November 25. For tickets call 07942 823 600 or book at Star rating: * * * *.