MARTIN Clare has written his third play designed for Dunham Thespians, the Great Mallard, which will be performed at Dunham Massey Village Hall from November 22 – 25.

His first play, Mister Misty has been performed by several societies and he went to see a production in Spain by local ex-pats.

“Someone in America paid for a reading copy of the script and I got £13.25 in Royalties. I still haven’t decided what to do with it!," he said.

His latest play was conceived almost by accident.

“We had reached the point in September when we should start rehearsing and we had nothing to rehearse.

"So I speed-wrote the first couple of scenes and put it to the seven-strong cast, I left the room so they could talk about it behind my back.

"Fortunately they liked it even though they didn’t know the ending.”

The plot is centred on the Great Mallard Hotel. At first, the only person there is Percy, the hotel manager (Chris Matthews).

Then Ginny turns up. She is played by Eleanor Cardoza . “

She has worked hard.” said Martin. “I am proud of her efforts.”

Ginny asks for a specific room for which the key is mysteriously missing. One by one unexpected guests arrive with the same request.

Among them are a mysterious couple, Godfrey and Barbara Shuttleworth (Peter Mungovan and Joan Jones)

The plot is tricky and there is a twist in the tale though Martin leaves it as long as possible before revealing what is happening.

Martin said: “The set has been the most challenging aspect of the play because we have to do a big set change between Acts I and II and back again during the raffle."

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