SALE Nomads celebrate their 70th anniversary in style with a glittering production of Lionel Bart’s Oliver at the Waterside Arts Centre, Sale.

It begins with the orphans singing Food, Glorious Food with such vigour they are obviously enjoying themselves!

This is followed by two remarkable cameos featuring Carmel Price’s Widow Corney flirting in song with Martin Wiggan’s Mr Bumble and Tracey Jones and Derek Stuart-Cole as unfeeling undertakers Mr and Mrs Sowerberry, having purchased Oliver for £5.

The leading role of Oliver goes to 11-year- old Josh Morton who moves from sadness to chirpiness as he overcomes each obstacle. His Where is Love? reaches your heart strings.

Oliver finds a kind of happiness under the dubious employment of Fagin and his crafty but amenable assistant the Artful Dodger (Brody Jellyman)

When Domonique McClafferty‘s Nancy sings As Long as he Needs me, she draws out her innermost feelings whilst expressing love for her psychopathic boyfriend, Bill Sykes.

Bill’s evil ways are well portrayed by Peter McClafferty who is the archetypal baddy.

Although Fagin is bad in a different way you suspect that somewhere beneath the layers of meanness portrayed by Richard Ross, glisters gold. His rendering of reviewing the Situation is perfect. He uses facial and body movements to supplement his perfectly paused voice.

This show displays the cast's singing and dancing skills especially in the I’ll do Anything scene when they form themselves into a human horse and carriage.

• Oliver is at Waterside Arts, Sale until Saturday, October 28 with two shows on the Saturday. For tickets, telephone 0161 969 5140, Star rating: * * * * *