NEVER work with children or animals goes the old saying

Yet this is just what the adults in Urmston Musical Theatre’s production of Annie have to do.

The principal adults include Kathleen Valentine, who plays the ghastly gin swigging Miss Hannigan in a suitably over the top way. She’s so bad that you want to boo her.

She contrasts well with the kindly Oliver Warbucks played by Matt Darsley, who helps little orphan Annie to try and find her parents.

His charming PA, Grace Farrell is played by Lyndsey Florian whose attraction to Daddy Warbucks is palpable.

The wonderful children who take part so beautifully do not detract from the adults’ performance but they are just as good.

All the singers have good voices especially 12-year-old Abigail Fernandez-Arias who is Annie. Her rendering of Tomorrow is unforgettable

All the orphans sing beautifully and, at the start of Act II, they demonstrate that they can dance, as well.

Mention should be made of Daniel Mellor who, as President Roosevelt, sits in a custom made wheel chair with, unconventionally, the small wheels at the back so he can sit easier at a table. He proves to be a shrewd judge of human nature.

Then, there is Sandy, the dog, played obediently by Molly, a lively but obedient puppy.

This show is a hit for Urmston Musical Theatre. and a credit to director Emma Harris.

* Annie – The Musical – is at Urmston Leisure Centre, Bowfell Road. Until Saturday. October 28. For tickets. Telephone 0161 408 1288 or book on line. Star ratimg: * * * *