HARLEQUIN Theatre's first play of the season taking place in September is 'Bazaar and Rummage', by Sue Townsend.

From the writer of the hugely acclaimed 'The secret diary of Adrian MolE, aged 13 and three quarters', Townsend is a prolific playwright with a quick wit, and great observational skills.

The play brings together, a neurotic, controlling do-gooder, a trainee social worker and three agoraphobics, who have been persuaded to venture out of their homes to run a jumble sale.

Whilst essentially, a witty comedy, the play highlights the despair of ordinary people striving to overcome all obstacles, in an effort to rejoin society.

Set in the 80's the language and issues will not be seen, today, as politically correct.

The play contains adult language, themes, and the use of 'cigarettes'.

The group welcomes back to the Harlequin Stage, Beth Barlow, 'The rise and Fall of Little Voice, 'Remember Them' and many other plays at the HQ.

Theresa Kay, 'Moby Dick', Lyn Newton, 'Remember Them', Mandy Taylor, 'Stags and Hens', Kes Earl, a newcomer to the Players, and Ami Cheetham, who is making her first appearance with the Senior's after many appearances with the Harlequin Junior Players.

The play is directed by Angie Orme, director of the highly successful 'first world one play, 'Remember Them', 'The Birds', 'Stags & Hens', and actor in many plays at the Harlequins.

Performances take place on September 8, 9 and 10.

Tickets are available via harlequinplayers.com, or by telephone 01606 246831.