WHAT comes first? The jam or the cream?

How to eat the humble scone continues to cause disagreement up and down the country.

The Cornish method is to go for jam then cream, while the Devonshire fashion is to layer the scone in cream before adding jam.

Well now Bistrot Pierre – which has a restaurant in London Road, Stockton Heath – has weighed in on the debate as part of the launch of its afternoon tea menu. The restaurant chain surveyed more than 2,000 people and the results were less split than expected, revealing that 76 per cent enjoy their scones jam first and the remaining 24 per cent choose the cream first option.

Arpita Anstey, from Bistrot Pierre, said: “The people have spoken. And just over three quarters of them agree with the Queen, reaching for the jam before the cream.

“Those living in the north of England are most likely to apply their jam first, with four in five choosing the method.

“Whereas people are more closely divided in the south, where one third of people opt to layer cream first. The statistics show that the further north you travel, the more likely you are to opt for jam first.”

Bistrot Pierre’s afternoon tea is available every day between 2.30pm and 5.30pm. As well as classic fruit scones, it is served with a selection of mini baguettes and a range of French patisseries for £11.95.