SWAGGER, biblical, rock and roll.

Four simple words that sum up Liam Gallagher’s homecoming gig at Manchester Arena.

The former Oasis frontman was on top form as he returned to his city and his army of adoring fans.

From the moment the lights dropped and Gallagher walked out to chants of ‘Liam, Liam’, you just got the sense that this gig in particular would be something special.

And he certainly did not disappoint.

"Yes, Manchester," he cried to the crowd, before kicking off with a rendition of Rock 'n' Roll Star.

Complete with his zipped-up cagoule, tambourine and performing such a classic Oasis anthem, Liam looked and sounded as good as he did in the band’s glory years.

But he has come a long way since then, demonstrated with flawless performances of Halo, Shockwave, Wall of Glass and Come Back to Me from his brilliant solo albums.

As good as they are however, it was the iconic intro of Morning Glory that got the biggest reaction of the night from the packed-out arena.

After another true rock and roll performance, Liam dedicated Columbia and Stand by Me to ‘all the old farts’ in attendance.

“The young ones are showing you up a bit tonight,” he joked, demonstrating how popular he is with both fans from the Oasis era and those he has gained as a solo artist.

Tracks from his new album, arguably his best, were performed in the shape of Once, Why Me? Why Not, Be Still and The River, with the latter featuring his son, Gene, on the drumkit.

In keeping with the family aspect, Liam dedicated Wonderwall, to his mother, Peggy, who was in the crowd.

An encore of Roll With It, Supersonic and Champagne Supernova truly did raise the roof of the arena, with the crowd also expertly filling in for Noel during Acquiesce.

And after again briefly leaving the stage, Liam returned once more to finish in style with Cigarettes and Alcohol.

With the guitarists playing in the background, Gallagher stood for a few minutes with his hood up and soaked in the cheers, applause and chants from his fellow Mancunians.

With absolute clarity, I can say that this was the best gig I have ever been to, and I struggle to see it being topped any time soon.

As you were.