BLOCKBUSTERS with a connection to space are being screened at the Parr Hall under the glow of the Museum of the Moon.

ET and Apollo 13 will both be shown on Sunday for a film night like no other.

Steven Spielberg’s ET: The Extra Terrestrial is on first with a screening at 1pm followed by Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, at 7.30pm.

The heartwarming classic ET is about a young boy called Elliott who discovers an alien and helps him return to his home world.

Apollo 13 is based on the real events of the lunar mission of the same name in 1970 which went terribly wrong when an oxygen tank exploded.

Northwich Guardian:

The film is about the men who worked tirelessly to ensure the astronauts’ survival and their safe return to Earth.

Both screenings are family friendly.

Luke Jerram’s sculpture of the Moon, which has been exhibited all over the world, will be at the Parr Hall from October 3 to 14 as the centrepiece of this year’s Contemporary Arts Festival and to mark 50 years since Neil Armstrong made a giant leap for mankind.

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