FAMILIES across Warrington are preparing to don lab coats and safety glasses when a science show whizzes, bangs and pops into town.

Exciting Science came about by accident when a young boy wanted to have a science party for his birthday but there was not one available for his parents to book.

So the boy’s mum set one up herself and it has just escalated from there.

The original party has been refined for a UK tour by Wish It Events, combining action-packed experiments, fascinating facts and laugh-out-loud humour for an educational show like no other.

The Parr Hall show April 11, suitable for all ages, has plans to recreate a volcanic eruption, turn a vacuum cleaner into a missile launcher and take aim at the audience with the team’s very own smoke blaster.

Holly Jones, from Parr Hall, said: “Exciting Science is a new show that aims to educate children by combining amazing science facts and experiments with all the razzle-dazzle of a stage spectacular. So stand back and prepare for action as Exciting Science presents a show that’s full of whizzes, bangs, pops and the occasional splurt.”

Tickets are £10.50. Visit parrhall.culturewarrington.org