HE has been entertaining and casting a spell on youngsters for almost 70 years.

But a magical bear’s work is never done because Sooty will soon be back on the road for his new show.

The yellow bear will be taking a break from his ITV series to bring Sweep and Soo to the Parr Hall, along with Richard Cadell, for a collection of tricks and practical jokes on February 23.

Becki Mundy, from Parr Hall, said: “Izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy, because the nation’s favourite TV bear Sooty is bringing his friends to Warrington’s Parr Hall for a fun-packed show.

“Culture Warrington is delighted to announce the popular children’s character and his friends Sweep and Soo are back for a laugh-out-loud magic show on Sunday, February 23 with guaranteed giggles for all the family.

“Be astounded at Sooty’s flying car, Soo’s singing unicorn and Sweep’s levitating sausage.

“Special guests will be circus star Michael Jordan and the ultraviolet specialties of Fantasie de la Nuit.

“This promises to be a spectacular treat for the whole family – including a chance to meet Richard and Sooty after the show.”

Visit parrhall.culturewarrington.org.