IT has been the the smash hit show of the summer and now there are just two weeks remaining of The Book of Mormon's lengthy run at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

The musical pokes relentless, brutal - often shocking - fun at Mormons and Africa, making you wonder how they get away with it at times.

The first key is, of course, in the quality of the material.

The Book Of Mormon is the uproarious result of a collaboration between the creators of South Park and Avenue Q - so in terms of outrageous content, the offensive material filter is well and truly left at home.

And the second secret of this show's phenomenal success is really no secret at all. Like any good production it's driven by the performances of the cast, whose musical and comic timing is mesmerising throughout.

The unlikely story about a mismatched duo of Mormon elders attempting to preach their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints message in Uganda has captured the imagination and enthralled audiences since 2011.

Arriving in the north west eight years after its UK launch, it's a standing-ovation-every-night success, but there are some last minute tickets left for those who haven't yet experienced it.

It's certainly not for everyone, particularly those with sacred religious beliefs. But nothing is off limits and no-one is safe - not even Nigel Farage, as the UK script takes a welcome and topical diversion from the original Broadway material.

Most of the musical numbers are designed to fit the narrative however some like I Believe, Baptize Me and I Am Africa shine in their own right.

Amidst the religious madness, poverty, gun crime, AIDS and maggots in unspeakable parts of the body, the uplifting spirit and feel-good factor every good musical should radiate is the over-riding emotion when you leave the theatre.

And at this point, you may be met by the sight of real members of the Mormon church indulging in a bit of street recruitment - maybe even they got the joke as well?

The Book of Mormon runs until Saturday, August 24. Availability is best midweek but there are still a few weekend tickets remaining. To book visit