DESCRIBED as 'dark and brooding synth pop', a new duo from Warrington are bringing a twist to 80s-style music.

Mördelin is an audio visual project born in Manchester in 2017.

Pascal Carton, 42 and Amy Linton, 34 collaborated to create a unique brand of goth-pop to an 80s-inspired backdrop.

They initially met in the creative corridors of the Northern Quarter area where an intro music session immediately spawned results.

Pascal, from Atherton, and Amy, from Birchwood, combined their talents and the outcome sound is one steeped in retro-goth vibrations.

Their self-released album 'Preface' draws on the sounds of Depeche Mode, Human League, New Order, Mesh and Eurythmics which the band state as their musical influences.

The duo said: "We're 90s kids really but our love of 80s sound and design punches it's way into our debut EP.

"There's a playfulness on show here; abrupt mood changes, dance floor outros, stirring melodies and a strange sense of vulnerability."

Mördelin have set the bar high from the get-go by turning to legendary synthpop producer Olaf Wollschläger in Germany known for his pioneering work with Mesh, And One and Beborn Beton and his understanding of the 80s aesthetic.

Six tracks feature on their debut EP Preface which was released in June and is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Amazon and all other major streaming platforms.