CHESTER Zoo is holding a quiet session for the first time at their popular Predators exhibition.

The popular attraction, which was recently named among the best zoos in the world, has announced the autism-friendly session to ensure all families can enjoy it.

Featuring 13 life-sized animatronic predators, visitors have been flocking throughout the summer to see the world premiere exhibition from the creators of Dinosaurs! 

A spokesman added: "You’ll come face to face with a massive megalodon, a terrifying terror bird and a gigantic giant bear.

"And, it’s your chance to see some of your old dinosaur favourites too."

The autism-friendly quiet session will take place this Sunday between 10am and 12pm.

The exhibit will be open to all visitors but all of the sound effects will be turned off.

There will also be some additional sensory elements to the exhibit.

A spokesman added: "We are working with Autism Together to raise autism awareness in our community and we are signed up to the Autism Charter, pledging to become an autistic friendly visitor attraction.

"We have so far trained over 240 members of staff to become Autism Champions (6 of which have also attended the extended Autism Ambassador course), who will soon be the accessible face of autism support for the public within the zoo. 

"We’re rolling this training out to even more staff with the aim of further improving our offer as an autistic friendly visitor attraction."