GREEN-FINGERED youngsters at Bruche Primary School were part of the success story at this year’s RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park.

Pupils worked with teaching assistant Alicia Dignan-Smith to create the Wasp Garden that was named best in show and scored full marks at the school gardens competition.

Alicia said: “Our garden was a construction site for a colony of social wasps building their nest and caring for their young wasps.

“Everything in the garden was either planted, potted or designed and built by the children in our school from the two year olds in our nursery to the oldest children in year six.

“We didn’t just want to produce a garden, so everything in our garden was taught through the curriculum and had a purpose to it. We built 163 concrete hexagons with glass eggs for the wasp larvae, conducted a test using a red cabbage to determine the number and colour of a wasp sting on the PH scale.

“There is so much we learnt so to be recognised by such a prestigious group is one of our proudest moments as a school.”

Among other Warrington schoolstaking part were Stockton Heath Primary, Croft Primary and Evelyn Street Primary.

And Warrington Guardian photographer Dave Gillespie was there to capture some of the best moments.